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Encouraging Your Employer to Embrace Sustainability

Sustainability is hardwired into the ethos and mission of some companies, while others do not focus on sustainable development as part of their business practices. We take a look at some of the ways in which you can do your part to save the environment and some options and suggestions you can make in order to encourage your employer to move forward in embracing sustainability and conservation as...

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How is Industrial Design Embracing Sustainability?

When considering sustainability, or when hearing the term “environmentally sustainable design”, what comes to mind? We often think of brands that focus on conserving our environment, especially during April, which is the month in which we celebrate Earth Day. Environmentally sustainable design, which is also called environmentally conscious design or eco-design. As defined by J.F. McLennan in The...

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Earth Crusader? Consider Exciting Creative Jobs in Sustainability

Excited to apply your creative skill set towards creative jobs that provide support to initiatives that enable sustainability and environmental conservation? Countless creative jobs seek dedicated activists and environmentalists who have a passion for sustainability and can work across a variety of careers, including graphic design, copy writing, retail and product design and more. Here we learn...

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Are You Featuring Creative Career Highlights Wisely?

Take time to do your research, meticulously review your career and learn how to effectively position yourself to share your career highlights and land your dream job. By preparing your achievements in a clear, concise format, listing your skill set and standout career achievements on paper and verbally during in-person meetings, you can make sure that you will stand out and be noticed for the...