Author - Brian Young

Brian is a Recruitment Manager for Creative Circle, the largest Marketing / Creative Staffing Agency in the US, where he implements recruitment / talent acquisition and placement strategies to engage, collaborate, partner with and place top digital, motion, content and traditional creative talent. His honed eye for identifying creative talent has made him a top recruiter and a valuable resource to business partners. Additionally, Brian leads a team of top performing Recruiters: manages, coaches and develops teams directly contributing to year over year growth while developing and fostering a culture that he can be proud of.

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How is Industrial Design Embracing Sustainability?

When considering sustainability, or when hearing the term “environmentally sustainable design”, what comes to mind? We often think of brands that focus on conserving our environment, especially during April, which is the month in which we celebrate Earth Day. Environmentally sustainable design, which is also called environmentally conscious design or eco-design. As defined by J.F. McLennan in The...