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Curating Artrepreneur’s Creative Career Center with Brian Young

It goes without saying that we at Artrepreneur believe that every Creator can be successful when equipped with the right resources. The founding members of Artrepreneur built Creative Career Center to provide creatives and artists with relevant content to empower members of the community – both individuals and organizations – with tools, insights, and resources to manage the complexities of creating.

The foundation has been laid, and we’re excited to build out our Creative Career Center in 2019.

“Hi, my name is Brian Young and beginning this year I will be contributing to the continued success and growth of the Creative Career Center. I am proud, excited and humbled to be invited to join the Artrepreneur team in order to create and curate relevant content for the Center. This is a crucial undertaking, and I can’t wait to contribute to the continued success and growth of the Creative Career Center. I’m excited to get to know you and to contribute to this amazing community of creators. I hope to share valuable insights with you through this engaging content.”

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Excited to guide our audience of creatives forward!

Artrepreneur took the opportunity to interview Brian as he steps into this role to gain insight into his background and qualifications. Please take a look below to learn about what qualifies Brian to take on this pivotal Content Curator role!


Artrepreneur: So, Brian, even though we’ve collaborated in the past, we’re excited to formally introduce you to the Artrepreneur community! Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do.

Brian Young: I’ve been a Creative Recruitment professional for about fourteen years. I’ve worked at two prominent staffing agencies throughout my career and have immersed myself in the creative industry since day one. Over the past nine-plus years, I’ve grown into a management role through proven top performance, creative industry expertise and team development skills. I’ve always been passionate about creating relationships with people – co-workers, creative talent, clients and partners in the industry. Through that passion, I have been invited to speak at design schools and to craft content for various outlets. I have always been a Creator.

ATP: What are some of your goals as the Content Curator for Creative Career Center?

BY: Curating and creating content is an important role and something that I am – and have been – passionate about throughout my entire career. I want to share the most relevant content with our Creator community in hopes of shedding light onto a range of subjects including job searching, interviewing, career navigation, portfolio building, self-promotion, creativity and more. Really, anything that’s relevant to a Creator. Another goal of mine is to learn from you… yes you, the Artrepreneur Team and you, the community. I feel that the Creative Career Center will only be successful if the community is engaged. I hope you’ll stay involved with our content – in comments and emails. I welcome emails… and want to hear from you!

ATP: You mentioned the term “Creator” a few times. Can you define the term?

BY: There really is no hard and fast definition of a Creator. How I define a Creator could differ from how another person does. At the end of the day, a Creator is someone that creates something: written content, video content, social media content, art, immersive experiences, a visual work… we’re all creators!

I am beyond excited and humbled to have the opportunity to partner with the Artrepreneur team and curate content for the community. With that, I’d love to get to know our community. What do you create? What are you passionate about? What makes you a Creator? What types of content would you be interested in consuming?

Stay tuned for some exciting content coming up in 2019!

About the author

Brian Young

Brian is a Recruitment Manager for Creative Circle, the largest Marketing / Creative Staffing Agency in the US, where he implements recruitment / talent acquisition and placement strategies to engage, collaborate, partner with and place top digital, motion, content and traditional creative talent. His honed eye for identifying creative talent has made him a top recruiter and a valuable resource to business partners. Additionally, Brian leads a team of top performing Recruiters: manages, coaches and develops teams directly contributing to year over year growth while developing and fostering a culture that he can be proud of.

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