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Earth Crusader? Consider Exciting Creative Jobs in Sustainability

Ready to take your career up a notch by applying your creative skill set to find creative jobs that make a positive environmental impact? Take a hike – literally! Consider taking on creative jobs focused on renewable energy, environmental conservation, supporting climate change think-tanks and more! Whether you are a dedicated hiker and lover of the outdoors or devoted to realizing renewable energy for a better climate – or both! – you can apply your creative skill set toward a greater cause. In honor of Earth Day this April, we take a look at some of the opportunities available to designers, writers, and creatives across sustainable sectors – and how to position yourself effectively to be a formidable candidate for these positions!

Creative Jobs and the Environment

creative jobs
Take Your Imagination to the Great Outdoors!

It may come as no surprise that sustainable, environmentally friendly brands such as Patagonia and S’well need creative and marketing professionals to build out their brand. Whether agency or in-house, creative teams working alongside environmentally friendly brands and consumer products can feel empowered by this work and find satisfaction in knowing that their work is benefitting an organization with a mission focused on sustainability. However, there are ample opportunities out there for creatives who want to dig in and focus purely on organizations that support environmental conservation. Organizations ranging from the National Forest Foundation to the Conservation Fund have logos and needs marketing teams to guide their image and brand style. Want a direct, hands-on approach to nature and wildlife preservation? Consider your local municipal and/or state parks and recreation department, or even our National Parks! Sustainability and Environmental Protection initiatives rely on professionals seeking out creative jobs with them to benefit their image and direct their marketing and print materials. you can apply your creative skill set toward a greater cause.

Fundraising for nonprofits relies especially heavily on graphics and print materials for donation campaigns such as end-of-year drives and benefit and gala season. As a graphic or print designer, copywriter, or even creative team project manager, you will be indirectly responsible for capturing the hearts and minds of supporters and contributing to the financial goals of the program. By designing materials, wayfinding and/or signage for policy-driven initiatives at international organizations, such as the UN Environment Programme, it can be easy to directly see the impact your creative work exerts in supporting environmental initiatives. Are you a website wizard? Every nonprofit and sustainable initiative needs to feature their good work online! You’re all set to find a great opportunity supporting a cause you love. Infographics and information design also play an important role in supporting environmental and sustainable initiatives. There is quite a wide range of creative jobs available in Sustainable and Environmental Sectors for those passionate about providing solutions for a more sustainable future.

Position Yourself for Creative Jobs Success

creative jobs
Creative Skill Sets + Commitment Apply in Sustainable Fields

Passionate about the environment but without much creative work in your portfolio to show for it? Your next step to position yourself for success in creative jobs in the fields of sustainability and environmental conservation should be to focus on volunteering: to make the best impression, you should begin to volunteer your time, talent and tangible assets.

Start by volunteering your time! Spend hands-on park days re-planting flowers, cleaning up debris on beaches – wherever you can spend time volunteering in nature or promoting sustainable, environmental-friendly initiatives then make sure you do so! Not able to spend time outdoors very often? Volunteer your talent! Donate your time for smaller, community-based sustainability nonprofits to apply your creative skills toward designing brochures, websites and gala materials. Add these to a portfolio specifically tailored toward your applications for creatives jobs in the sustainability & environmental conservation field, and make sure to feature your volunteering work on your LinkedIn and resume to show that you practice what you preach!

Finally, tangible assets go a long way toward making a good impression. Know exactly what organization you want to work for? Reach out directly and see what you can provide that will get them to where they need to go! Perhaps you can link them up with a previous client who can give a discount on printing? Maybe you can donate your current employer-matching contributions to their nonprofit organization. Ask, listen, and learn what exactly will make their mission a success. Whether promoting renewable energy or promoting actions to limit the impact of climate change, any organization engaging with sustainability will be comprised of staff who are just as passionate about these causes as you are. Meet them in their element! Demonstrate that your can-do attitude and dedication to the cause sets you apart from the other applicants for creative jobs around environmental awareness.

Finally – do your research! Some organizations, funds or institutions do not practice what they preach, and/or spend a lot of money on overhead instead of balancing these costs with program costs. For those truly passionate about being good stewards for the environment, working with a team that dedicates continued, sustained efforts toward the cause – instead of just paying lip service to these initiatives – will make all the difference for you. For nonprofit organizations, check their rating on Guidestar. Read reviews for brands and companies engaging in sustainability initiatives to make sure the product is really durable and has a minimal carbon footprint. Creative jobs at sustainability-focused organizations may be plentiful, but you want to be sure that the great work you are doing is recognized and respected by the wider field as a whole. Doing your research, and aligning your personal vision and experience with sustainable creative jobs that really create opportunities for environmental protection and conservation, will go far in ensuring that you craft a career legacy that you can remain proud of.  Aligning your skill set and career values with an organization who is creating a better future is a rewarding and genuinely transformative experience, so make the best of your chance to shine and choose the best organization for your talents!

Have experience working with environmentally-focused organizations? Have useful insights into the particular challenges and rewards for those working in these fields? Share your insights with us in the comments!

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