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This guide outlines important information in the format of a resume, providing a unique experience. Take it from us, across our 29 offices, we review and critique 2,000+ resumes and portfolios of digital, marketing and creative professionals a week. While reviewing and using this tool, please note that no two resumes are alike: aesthetic, formatting and information will vary between individual, job type and experience level. This interactive resume experience is not meant to be representative of all resumes and is not intended for all hiring managers. Extra tips and insights will be highlighted in a gray bar at the bottom of each section.

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Creative is what we do, who we represent, and how we live – that’s why it’s in our name. We work directly with you to understand your strengths and match you with clients who not only need your talents but understand your skillset. Focus on the creative part of your career with the support of one of our 30+ offices across North America.

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